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    Brake Friction

    We only use major o/e specifaction Brake suppliers such as Brakeworld, Apec, Delphi and Juratek to ensure that your braking requirements are never compromised on quality.


    • Over 1100 brake pads and 400 brake shoes manufactured to meet the performance standards demanded by EU regulation 90 – many references now available with R90 approval.
    • Over 1250 brake discs and drums – many discs are approved to TUV standards with more to follow.

    Over 1800 caliper references available in the NK and Apec brand name.


    Over 700 brake and clutch cables.


    • Over 500 wheel cylinders.
    • Range of over 50 popular master cylinders.
    • Over 500 brake hoses.

    We supply brake pads and shoes to a broad range of car manufacturers including:

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Established in 2003 with over 60,000 parts in stock we carry out over 500 deliveries every day across the North East with our fleet of 14 vehicles.

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