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    Rotating Electrics

    We keep over 500 different alternators and starter motors from AUTOELECTRO and ROLLCO.


    A specialises in remanufacturing Starters, Alternators, and AC Compressors to meet the widest range of applications; including units for cars, trucks, marine engines, agricultural and construction equipment.


    Rotating quality from a leading European supplier.

    Since 1985 AUTOELECTRO has focused on the remanufacturing of electrical and rotation units. Today the division is amongst the largest remanufacturers in Europe with production still in the UK, combined with INDUSTRY LEADING service and backup. AUTOELECTRO customers include some of the leading distributors and wholesalers on the European markets, who value the availability of a full range and environmentally responsible solutions provided within these automotive parts.


    Tested to meet Original Equipment standards.

    Using the latest technology and equipment, all parts are cleaned, examined and tested to meet the highest certified standards. Checks include leakage testing of all units with gas and oil; plus a comprehensive electrical and mechanical test, followed by a step-by-step, total function test to guarantee the highest quality product. All units are individually tested to meet OE standards, ensuring that customers receive a product they can trust.


    The widest rotating electrics programme in the UK.

    The AUTOELECTRO programme covers the broadest spectrum of starters, alternators and AC compressors in the European aftermarket. This comprises more than 4,700 Starter and Alternator references and over 700 Air Conditioning compressor references, easily outperforming any other supplier in the European aftermarket. The AUTOELECTRO brand is one of the most trusted and recognised in the automotive industry and boasts a fine heritage. The AUTOELECTRO Rotating Electrics range continues to deliver the highest standards serving customers around the world.

    Lucas Automative Bulbs

    A full range of replacement BULBS and HEADLAMPS supplied by LUCAS ELECTRICAL.


    Lucas is a leading aftermarket bulb distributor, with stocks in excess of 3.5 million bulbs. From the smallest tachograph bulb to cutting edge xenon headlamps, Lucas is sure to have the bulb that you require.


    The Lucas Automotive Bulb range consists of over 600 references covering cars, light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles and motorcycles. All are manufactured to the very highest standards using premium quality materials to ensure both high performance and reliability.

    Lucas Lighting and Mirror

    The Lucas range of Lighting and Mirrors offers a competitively priced quality programme to meet the demands of today’s modern motor factor. The range offers the motor factor a real alternative to the OE dealer.


    Lighting Technology

    Today's demand from consumers for the latest technology and improved design has resulted in continuous development, making Lucas the market leader in this sector.

    Continuous range development ensures that Lucas brings the latest technologies to the aftermarket, including, Daylight Running Lamps, LED Lighting, Adaptive Front Lighting Systems and High Intensity Discharge Headlamps.


    Reflecting Quality

    Each Lucas door mirror is manufactured to OE standards, offering a viable alternative for the independent aftermarket. The range covers approximately 90% of the UK vehicle parc and consists of complete units, mirror glass and covers.

    Door mirrors are progressively developing into more technical products, with integrated lighting, electrically driven units, heated mirror glass, integrated antennas, memory functions and GPS.

    All Lucas door mirrors are E-marked and specifically manufactured for the right hand drive market.


    Car and Commercial Batteries
    Lucas Batteries/Oldham Batteries

    Lucas Batteries are built to the highest specifications to cope with today’s automotive demands. Delivering premium performance to meet the electrical requirements of the latest technological features being designed into the newest models. The Lucas Battery brand promises such high quality performance, no matter how harsh the conditions.


    That's why drivers throughout the UK trust Lucas to deliver power they can rely on.


    The Lucas Battery range covers a lot more than just the automotive market, with batteries specifically designed for many applications including marine, industrial, leisure, mobility and golf. Within the automotive sector Lucas offers a comprehensive range of quality batteries, with a trusted reputation for performance and reliability. The portfolio includes Classic, Premium and Supreme ranges for cars, complemented by a maximum power offering for commercial vehicles and cutting edge technology in the fusion (AGM) range. Altogether, this combination provides customers with the widest choice of battery power and technologies for virtually any automotive application.


    For decades Lucas Batteries have delivered outstanding performance and are trusted by UK motorists. Today Lucas offers guaranteed O.E performance across the comprehensive range of batteries which altogether covers more than 99% of the vehicle parc.


    Oldham & Son was originally founded in 1865 as a small machine shop supplying the flourishing hat industry in Denton, Manchester. It was only in the early 1900's that Oldham Batteries made a name for itself with the production of Lead-acid batteries. Known for their superior quality and reliability Oldham batteries are one of the most iconic and easily recognisable brands in the automotive industry.


    With the help of CTS, the Oldham brand looks set to once again take the automotive aftermarket by storm. Boasting an unbeatable range of Automotive, CV and Leisure products, Oldham batteries provide quality and performance you can rely on.


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