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    Range - Over 1000 references. These include head gaskets, head sets, rocker manifolds and oil seals for most of the world's road vehicles.

    Quality - Few companies can lay claim to a gasket pedigree equal to Victor Reinz.

    Packing - Every gasket or seal is individually packed. Most are packed on boards with shrink film.

    Catalogue - Every detail of the product is given from engine code to bore size and manufacturing materials. Dimensions are given for gaskets and seals.

    Unique -  A truly comprehensive range from multi-layer steel head gaskets to rubber oil seals.



    Timing belts are designed both for applications in diesel and petrol engines, and are fitted both on motorcars and industrial vehicles.


    With the use of new materials, the belts can be made in various structures and tooth profiles, to guarantee the performance of modern vehicles.


    Nowadays, belts are subject to stresses and working conditions than seemed impossible only a few years ago:


    • High fuel injection pressure, which can reach up to 2000 bar in some applications.
    • Multi-valve engines: double camshaft with higher stresses.
    • Engines with high power and operating temperatures over 120°C.


    They should also guarantee:


    • Noise reduction.
    • Limited dimensional tolerances.
    • Limited variation of the belt dimensions in operation.
    • High resistance to cloth abrasion.
    • Longer service life/mileage.
    Timing Belt Kits

    The GATES KITS offer:


    • OEM or equivalent components both for cars and vans.
    • Complete replacement of all wear parts (belts, rigid components).
    • Continuous updating of the components according to the vehicle manufacturer's developments assembly instructions.
    Turbo Chargers

    MAHLE original turbochargers for the commercial vehicle aftermarket now available in the UK.


    MAHLE'S range of the highest quality NEW turbochargers for truck applications are now available to the aftermarket from Turboactive, the UK’s largest independent turbocharger supplier.


    MAHLE original turbochargers are manufactured according to strict standards in high-precision plants using innovative materials, technologies and methods.


    The range includes NEW turbochargers for older generation trucks so irrespective of the year, customers can be assured of the highest quality product using the latest technologies, the result of many years of producing high-strength turbo components for OEM’s.


    With MAHLE'S high reputation for producing quality products and Turbocative’s turbocharger knowledge and experience you can buy with peace of mind.


    The turbos are offered with a comprehensive individual fitting kit.

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Established in 2003 with over 60,000 parts in stock we carry out over 500 deliveries every day across the North East with our fleet of 14 vehicles.

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