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    We supply top brand GT Exhausts for all makes and models of cars, from an Alfa 147 to Volvo S80. We keep 95% of the GT Exhausts Exhaust range in stock ready for immediate dispatch, on the very rare occasion that we haven't got the exhaust piece you require in stock, we can either source it from our central warehouse or order it in overnight from GT Exhausts for you.


    GT Exhausts are among a select few long established UK manufacturers. A full range manufacturer with over 5000 references, GT Exhausts boasts a UK car parc coverage in excess of 95%.


    Extensive use of aluminised steel in silencer box components and pipe work ensures corrosion resistance and service life are both optimised.


    To complement the exhausts, the company also provides a comprehensive range of exhaust mountings & fittings (developed in parallel with the exhaust) as well as essential workshop consumables and tools.


    While GT Exhausts exhausts meet European type approval standards, not all replacement exhausts do. Without type approval it's still possible to meet current UK noise legislation (72 dbA) but only at the expense of an increase in back pressure (back pressure is the resistance to gas flow and effectively puts a brake on the cars engine).


    Increased back pressure can have a detrimental effect on the cars performance and lead to an increase in fuel consumption.


    Type approval sets back pressure standards so the motorist can be assured that the GT Exhausts exhaust is not only better for his cars performance but also for his pocket!


    Catalytic convertor are now fitted on all modern cars and with new and ongoing emission regulations it is vital that the correct specifacation of catalytic is fitted.


    We stock a vast range and all are fully guaranteed.

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Established in 2003 with over 60,000 parts in stock we carry out over 500 deliveries every day across the North East with our fleet of 14 vehicles.

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