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    If you are looking for filter parts then we stock:

    • Fuel Pump Filters
    • Air Filters
    • Oil Filters

    All our filters are compliant with current legislation and are suitable for o/e spec replacement and manufacturers warranties.


    MAHLE is a company that is amongst the largest automotive suppliers worldwide. MAHLE provide a number of quality products, components and systems for many combustion engines and its periphery.


    The large MAHLE Group is amongst largest of the top three system suppliers in the world for products that include piston systems, cylinder components, valve train systems, air systems, air management systems, liquid management systems and filters.


    Here at CTS we provide and stock a number of MAHLE filters and products that are of top quality from the brand. These include MAHLE oil filters, air filter, fuel filters, carbon filters, pollen filters and many more MAHLE filters.


    MAHLE filters ensure that the engine is receiving the very best and sufficient level of clean fresh air so that it can mainly maintain the correct air and fuel ratio that is needed when driving in rural or suburban roads.


    The MAHLE filter provides an exceptional high class level of top class Mahle filter protection to the vehicle. You will find that if you get a insufficient volume of air this will cause the car not to perform as effective and will process a ineffective combustion which could include a increase in the fuel consumption and a performance loss.


    Clean intake of air is essential to ensure the efficient operation of your valuable engine, this will also prevent any premature engine wear. Mahle filters will be the first defence to your vehicle engine if there are any abrasive particles entering any section of it such as any dirt, grit, salt or even soot.


    The MAHLE filter can prevent these from entering the engine and therefore stop any of these harmful substances from mixing with engine oil or anything else it can enter. Reliable air filters such as the Mahle filter can help stop such things from happening and also save you money on any expensive repair bills from any of these harmful substances. ALL of the MAHLE filters have one thing in common. They are highly effective in protecting people, engines and the environment. MAHLE filters are always in high demand and this is why MAHLE keeps on updating them and producing them to prevent any more things from entering your engines through any of the entry points. This includes our eco filters that can be completely incinerated or our cabin air filters. All of the MAHLE filters are produced in original equipment quality AND THERFORE CAN BE FITTED DURING SERVICING WITHOUT INVALIDATING A VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY.



    We also keep a range of competitively priced Comline filters, which are fitted to cars right across the European continent; from Iceland to Portugal, Lithuania to Bulgaria and all countries in between.


    Your one stop solution for all European, Japanese and Korean Cars/Light Vans. Comline offer one of the very best filter ranges in Europe.


    Oil Filters

    Traditional ‘spin on’ – 100% pressure tested and, of course, a leading range of new ECO type.


    Fuel Filters

    Petrol filters, diesel filters. Our development programme ensures Comline distributors have early access to the latest applications and product designs.


    Air Filters

    With new part numbers coming through all the time – one of the biggest programmes in Europe.


    Cabin & Carbon Filters

    A real growth area for Factors and garages – make sure you benefit from this opportunity by supplying Cabin filters for every service.


    Comline filters are manufactured using the latest ISO procedures – ensuring reliable quality and matching O.E. standards.


    See our online catalogue for complete details.

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