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    Whether you want Mineral, Semi-synthetic or Synthetic, we have a comprehensive range of Engine and Gearbox Oils from the major suppliers.


    We stock all the new specific type engine oils such as VW/Audi 507.01 spec and Edge 10w60 fully synthetic.


    TradeTEC and TruckTEC is GROUPAUTO’S new own brand of high quality lubricants exclusively available through GROUPAUTO members.


    TradeTEC and TruckTEC lubricants are blended with virgin base oils and produced to meet or exceed OEM vehicle specifications using only the latest advanced additive technology to ensure complete engine and transmission protection.


     There are currently 20 TradeTEC grades available comprising low SAPS, fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils along with premium gear and transmission oils. Products are available in a range of volumes from bulk tanker and IBC to 199L, 20L, 5L and 1 litre packs.


    All TradeTEC and TruckTEC products are supported by a quality guarantee of being of “parts of matching quality” under European Block Exemption Regulations. These lubricants can be used for vehicle servicing without invalidating the vehicle or replacement parts warranty, providing the application is as given in the TradeTEC & TruckTEC Technical Data Sheet.


    Specialist oils from Castrol such as EDGE and MAGNATEC are also kept for those customers who require a specific brand.

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Established in 2003 with over 60,000 parts in stock we carry out over 500 deliveries every day across the North East with our fleet of 14 vehicles.

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